Silage Film


Ensuring Stored Silage Remains Nutritious

A Plant Is Most Vulnerable To Threats Of VirusCarrying Insects, Frost And Overheating In The Initial Period After Planting. Covering Rows Of Young Plants With Non-Woven Fabrics Is A Perfect, Cost-Effective Solution: On The One Hand, It Is Porous So It Lets Out Excess Humidity, Preventing The Growth Of Mold; On The Other Hand, Its Pores Are Small Enough To Stop Insects Flying Through And Infecting The New Plant With Viruses.

We Understand The Unique Needs Of The Various Agricultural Applications For Non-Woven Fabrics, And Will Recommend The Perfect Additive Blend To Meet Them.


Oxygen Barrier

The Filament Of Non-Woven Fabric Is Extremely Thin, Requiring A High Molecular Weight HALS With A High Heat Stability. We Understand The Producers’ Needs And Can Recommend The Most Suitable UV MB For This Unique Process.


White For Agriculture

Customizable According To The Needs Of Your Specific Application, Al Sadek White Masterbatch For Agriculture Offer Benefits Such As UV Resistance, Excellent Dispersion Quality And Processing Stabilization


• High Dispersion Quality

• Good Processability

• High UV Stability


UV For Agriculture

Protect Plastics Used In Agriculture From The Harmful Effects Of UV Radiation. Our Broad Range Of UV Masterbatches Meet The Diverse Needs Of Customers Worldwide, Providing The Most Suitable And Effective Solution For Your Specific Climate Zone, Chemical Environment And Growing Method.


• Prevents Premature Polymer Degrading And Failure

• Offers The Right UV MB For Each Crop And Growing Method

• Made To Suit Extreme Climate With Extensive Chemical Use


Green For Silage Films

We Combine A Well-Dispersed, Tailor-Made Color Match That Has High Light Fastness And Weatherability, With A UV Package To Produce An MB That Is Ideal For Producing Both Thin Stretch Films And Thick Silage Film.


•UV Protection

•High Light Fastness And Weatherability

•Ideal For Producing Both Thin Stretch Films And Thick Silage Film