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Sound Foundations For Your Project

The Dynamic Building & Construction Industry Is Continuously Evolving To Meet The Increasing Demands Of Modern Urbanization, Not To Mention The Rigorous Standards Prescribed By Building Regulations. Innovative Technologies And Sophisticated Solutions In Plastics, Resins And Compounds Play A Key Role In Improving Performance, Durability And Even Esthetic Qualities Such As Color. At Al Sadek, We Have The Solutions You Need To Support Your Building & Construction Customers, While Yourself Achieving Production Efficiencies That Can Reduce Your Costs And Timelines.


Regulatory Compliance

Plasticulture, As Used In Greenhouse Covers, Mulch, Nets Or Silage Film, Enables Farmers To Achieve Improved Quality And Efficiency In Crop Production, While Reducing The Consumption Of Valuable Resources, Such As Water, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Energy And Arable Land


New Developments

Developing Products That Will Dramatically Reduce Costs Of Major Building Projects: Glass-Like, Super Light And Strong Polycarbonate Products That Withstand All Weather Conditions And.

Core Segments

XPS Sheets

Helping XPS Producers Meet The Ever-Changing Demands Of The Insulation Sector And Wider Construction Industry.

PP Corrugated Sheets

Additives And Masterbatches That Enhance The Functionality And Regulatory Compliance Of PP Corrugated Sheets

PC Sheets

A Comprehensive Range Of Solutions That Optimize Optical Properties, While Meeting Production Challenges.

Pipes & Fittings

We Have Developed Products That Are Suitable For Use With A Range Of Materials, Including HDPE, PA-12, PB, PP And ABS, And

Construction Films

Protecting People, Property And The Environment With A Full Range Of Flame Retardants That Meet Fire Safety Standards.

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FFR And Antimony Free Frs For
Home Appliance

Al Sadek Experts Created An Optimal Halogen-Free Formulation Composition That Passes Stringent FR Tests That Measure Heat Release Rates, Smoke Development Levels And Flame Spread Or Burn Through Results. The Composition Is Also Cost-Effective For Customers. To Learn More About Our New Solutions For HFFR Click Here.