Bags For Pesticides & Fertilizers


Safe And Sound Pesticide And Fertilizer Storage

The Bags Used To Hold Pesticides And Fertilizers Must Withstand The Extremes Of Year-Round Weather Conditions And Protect The Consumer From Breathing In Or Coming Into Contact With Its Contents. Standard Polymers Are Permeable To Pesticides, But With Our PE-Compatible Barrier Masterbatch, Barrier Film Can Be Produced On A 3-Layer Extruder


Barrier MB

Barrier Films Typically Contain Either An EVOH Or PA Layer And Are Produced On A 5-Layer Extruder – Since Neither Polymer Is Compatible With PE, A Tie Layer Is Needed. We Have Developed A Barrier MB That Is Compatible With PE, Enabling Production Of A Barrier Film On A 3-Layer Extruder


UV For Mulch Films

Choosing The Right UV Package Is The Most Important Parameter Determining The Film’s Service Life. We Will Recommend The Most Cost-Effective Solution From Our Extensive Range Of UV MB For Each Climate Zone, Color, Life Expectancy And Growing Method..


• Prevents Premature Polymer Degrading And Failure

• Offers The Right UV MB For Each Crop And Growing Method

• Made To Suit Extreme Climate With Extensive Chemical Use