Al Sadek Plastics has been established in 1969 with our flagship plant being in Sharjah With the peerless product insight of late Mr. Mohamed Al Sadek Founder of the company, he led the evolution of the Al Sadek Plastic Factory meeting today's Changes for commercial. industrial and environmental leadership.

The framework of our integrity advocated no less than top quality products for Polyethylene Sheets and bags with added value in terms of stellar customer support and prompt delivery of customized solutions that comply with the rigid international standard of quality

Our meticaus approach in production and dedication to our clients has strongly established our brand legitimacy. Our corporate responsibility extends to care for the environment with the advocacy to use only ecocompatible plastic technology features in all our products. In harmony with the environment, Al Sadek Plastic Factory is an active participant ensuring all its products offer environment-friendly solutions that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable without compromisrg quality, safe to use, aesthetic designs, and durability.