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We believe in maintaining our competitive edge by staying ahead with the latest in technology. We are a self-sufficient industrial unit, equipped with the gamut of the latest hi-tech machinery.

We have invested in state-of-the-art printing facilities and are able to provide the finest quality using the latest technology printing process to meet the astute demands
of our discerning customers

Our state of the art machinery includes 15 ELBA bag cutting machines, a brand that we have had no problems with for the past 25 years. These machines have been an asset to our corporation because of their steady production rate, robustness and stability.

Our in-house design studio handles the vital aspect of design and layout. The art department is fitted with the most modern framework of equipment and a team of creative and talented professionals.

As an environment conscious manufacturer, we are committed to maintaining and adhering to international health, safety and environment guidelines. As a further reiteration of our responsibility, we also recycle our own production waste.

We are a professional company employing more than 400 people, some of whom have been with us for decades.

We believe that the benefits of latest technology and equipment can only be realized by employing skilled technicians, well versed in the latest techniques, who can apply their experience and expertise to the optimum benefit of the customers
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